Hon. Secretary Message

Welcome to Kaghan Family

From the heart of the Hon. Secretary….

Dear members;
Welcome to the Kaghan Co-Operative Housing Society Ltd (KCHSL), Karachi where we firmly believe that KCHSL is a place where our members will enjoy all best quality infrastructure for the living.
The Kaghan Co-Operative Housing Society Ltd, Karachi is one of the oldest society of co-operative members in Karachi, Pakistan.
I, on behalf of the Managing Committee thanks to our valued members who have supported us in a long struggle against Administrators during a period of 2012 to 2018.
Our TEAM is also committed to providing all the required facilities and services in our society. I therefore on behalf of the committee appeal to each one of you to support our society to make KCHSL as one of the model housing society in Karachi city.
That’s all for the time being. Thanking you once again for giving me this opportunity to serve you.

Muhammad Iqbal
Honorary Secretary
Kaghan Co-Operative Housing Society Ltd, Karachi